How to Add a CNAME

Adding a CNAME record to your domain’s DNS settings allows you to create new variations of your website address in the form of subdomains. For example, adding “blog” as a CNAME for the domain “” creates the subdomain “”. When a user goes to the new subdomain, she will go directly to the destination you entered in the CNAME record. To create a CNAME record, you must have administrator access to your domain hosting account.

  • Log into your account at the website of the company where you purchased your domain name. If you have a Web hosting account with another company, and you transferred DNS management to the new company’s name servers, log into the Web hosting site instead. If you’re not sure which company controls your DNS settings, first try the Web hosting company and then the domain registrar.
  • Find the website’s DNS management page. Depending on which company you use, the location of this page on the website will vary. You can often find it by selecting “DNS Management,” “DNS Settings,” “DNS Hosts,” “Zone Editor” or something similar. On some sites, you may have to first select the “Domains” option and then select the name of your domain.
  • Find the section of the DNS settings page that allows you to add a new record. In some cases, you may need to click “Add Record,” “Edit” or something similar. The website will ask you for up to four pieces of information: a record type, a host name or alias, a value or destination, and a time delay or “TTL.”
  • Set the record type to “CNAME,” and then enter the new domain prefix in the host name or alias field. For example, if you are creating the “” subdomain, enter “pictures” in this field. Do not add a period at the end of your entry — you DNS editor will do this automatically.
  • Set the value or destination field to the location or address to which the new subdomain should point. For example, if you are creating a subdomain called “” that should point to an image folder on your Web server, you might enter “” as the value or destination. You can also point subdomains to other websites. For example, if you have Tumblr blog and want readers to be able to access it from your own website, you might create the subdomain “”. In this case, you would enter “” (including the last period inside the quotes) as the value or destination.
  • Leave the TTL setting at the default value and then save the new entry. The CNAME record should become active within four hours, although it can sometimes take up to eight hours for the new information to propagate to all of the other DNS servers on the Internet.

How to Transfer Your Domain Name to WiX

WiX allows users to customize flash based web templates. Users can utilize the free WiX subdomain they are given, or use their own full, domain name. Domain names must be purchased from a domain name host since WiX doesn’t sell domain names. You must contact that host directly to have them point the domain or transfer it to the WiX name server. When the domain name is just pointed, the original domain host company retains control of the domain name records. When the domain name is connected to the WiX name server, WiX will control the domain name records.

Add Your Domain to WiX By Pointing

  • Contact the company/website that you purchased the domain from and ask them to point the domain name to “” for you.
  • Click on “My Account” on the WiX home page and log in.
  • Select “Manage Premium” and click the “Domains” tab.
  • Select “Already have a domain?” under Add & Connect Domains.
  • Select “Go” under Update the registrar, and click “Next” under Pointing.
  • Enter the domain name, without the “www” prefix, in the corresponding “Domain Name” field and select “Continue.”
  • Choose the WiX document, or website, in your account to connect the domain name to. Click “Save” and “Done.”

Connect Your Domain to WiX with Domain Name Servers

  • Contact the domain name company and ask them to point the domain name to “NS1.WIX.COM and NS2.WIX.COM.”
  • Click on “My Account” on the WiX home page and log in. Select “Manage Premium” and click the “Domains” tab.
  • Select “Already have a domain?” under Add & Connect Domains. Select “Go” under WiX Name Servers. Hit “Next.”
  • Enter the domain name into the corresponding field (without the “www” prefix). Choose your email provider from the drop-down list, if you have one.
  • Choose the WiX document to connect the domain to. Press “Save” and “Done.”

How to Set Up FireFTP for BlueHost

BlueHost is an online-based company that provides Web hosting services to both individuals and businesses. The company has been around sense 1996. Registering for a Web hosting package with BlueHost will give you access to an FTP server to update your website. Accessing the FTP server will require an FTP client. FireFTP is an FTP client that can be added to Firefox and used within the FireFox browser window to transfer files from your local computer to a remote BlueHost FTP server.

  • Download and install the FireFTP FireFox add-on. (see Resources). Click “Add to Firefox.” This will open the “Software Installation” window. Click the “Install Now” button. After it installs, close out and reopen FireFox.
  • Click “Tools,” then click “FireFTP in FireFox” to open the FireFTP program in the FireFox window.
  • Click on “Create an account.” Enter your BlueHost FTP Web address, BlueHost FTP server in the “Host” box and your user login and password for your BlueHost FTP server. Click “OK.”
  • Click “Connect.” FireFTP will connect to your Bluehost FTP server and present the files and folders on the right of the FireFTP screen.
  • Click “Disconnect” to close out of the FTP connection when done.

How to Create Group Email (5 Steps)

How to Create Group Email (5 Steps) Bluehost coupons code

Creating group email is a simple way to send email messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. Instead of typing a message and being forced to add everyone’s name to the recipient list one at a time, you can add them all to a single group and just send an email to everyone at once. This is especially useful in situations where you would have to send the same message to dozens, or in certain cases hundreds, of people. It is obviously a tremendous time saver.

How to Create Group Email (5 Steps)

Open your email client. For purposes of creating a group email list, it makes no difference if your email client is Web-based, such as Google’s gmail, or the default email program that came with your computer, such as Microsoft’s Outlook Express.

  • Enter your contacts list. This is the list of every email address you have saved in your address book for easy access. To use Microsoft Outlook Express as an example, this would involve clicking on the tiny “Address Book” icon located along the top of the main program window. Once you have opened your contacts list, click “Add New Entry.”

  • Select “New Distribution List.” This option might be called something different in other email clients you use, but the result will be the same. A “Distribution List” is just a technical term for a “Group.” You will be asked to provide your new group with a name.

  • Add email addresses to your group. You can do this in one of two ways. By clicking “Add Members,” you can add contacts that you already have saved in your contacts list, or you can simply enter all the existing email addresses by hand. This part of the process will take the most amount of time but only needs to be done once.

  • Click “Save.” This will save all of the email addresses you have selected to this group. Now, instead of sending an email to each one of these people individually you can simply send an email to the group and everyone on the list you just created will receive it.

  • How to Make Your Own Blog (16 Steps)

    How to Make Your Own Blog (16 Steps) Bluehost coupons code

    When it comes to creating your very first blog, choosing from the sea of blogging platforms can be exhausting and confusing. Of all the programs designed for blog management, two stand out: Google’s Blogger and WordPress. You can try either for free, though WordPress requires that you choose between, which is more like Blogger, and, which you upload to your own Web space. Remember: you’re not married to your blogging platform. If you try one and dislike it, there are ways of transferring your posts to a different blogging service.

    How to Make Your Own Blog (16 Steps)

    Log in to Blogger ( with your Google account. This also links your Blogger blog to your Google+ profile. You can create multiple blogs under one Google account via Blogger.

  • On the Blogger dashboard, click the %26quot;New Blog%26quot; button. Blogger will ask for a name of your blog, an address — e.g., — and ask you to select a template for your blog.

  • Click %26quot;Create Blog.%26quot; From there, you can get started with more posts, create pages for your blog, change your settings, and even add multiple authors.

  • How to Upload Files to a Charter Website (5 Steps)

    How to Upload Files to a Charter Website (5 Steps) Bluehost coupons code

    When you have Charter Internet service, you have access to 20 MB of space on Charter’s Web servers. This space will allow you to build your own personal website. Before you can build your personal website, you must register for your free Web space through Charter’s “My Account” portal. Charter does not offer a “Site Builder” tool, only server space. You can then create your website files through an HTML editor of your choice. You can then upload those website files to Charter’s Web server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

    How to Upload Files to a Charter Website (5 Steps)

    Open your Internet Explorer Web browser. If you don’t want to use Internet Explorer, you can open another FTP program on your computer such as CuteFTP, BulletProof FTP and FileZilla. These types of FTP programs can be downloaded online for free.

  • Type “” in the address bar of Internet Explorer. If you chose to use a different FTP program, simply type the information into the designated field. You will be prompted to enter your Charter website user name and password.

  • Notice the split screen that appears after logging in. Each side of the screen contains files. The files on the left side are your computer files. Those on the right are files that are already uploaded to your Charter website.

  • Click on each computer file that you want to upload to your Charter website. Hold down the “Ctrl” key to select multiple files.

  • Hold down your left mouse button as you drag the computer files over to the right-hand side of your screen (the side that contains your current Charter website files). Release your mouse button to “drop” the files in place. The files will automatically be uploaded to your Charter website server.

  • How to Make Friends Around the World (9 Steps)

    How to Make Friends Around the World (9 Steps) Bluehost coupons code

    With today’s technology and social networking sites, it is easy to find international friends and to cultivate these relationships even if you have never met in person. Travel opportunities for fun, work and missions are another way to meet friends from other countries. You can also sign up on a pen pal website to be connected with an international pen pal and develop a friendship through letters.

    How to Make Friends Around the World (9 Steps)

    Sign up for a free Twitter account. On your profile page, write in your biography that you are looking for international friends and also a couple other interesting facts about yourself that show your interests. Start tweeting and follow people in other countries who have the same interests as you. You can find other people on Twitter at Twellow, a Twitter directory. Reply to tweets and develop international relationships through Twitter.

  • Create a MySpace page or Facebook profile, and look for people who live in other countries. You can send messages to people you find or leave comments if they have a public MySpace page or Facebook profile. You can let the person know that you are interested in connecting with people in other countries to develop friendships.

  • Find an online community where members are interested in the same topics or hobbies as you. For example, children’s writers have an online community through the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) website. This website connects members from around the world. Each member can have their own page on the site, and people can friend each other just like on Facebook. If you are in a community such as SCBWI, you can look for international friends.

  • How to Upload an MP3 to a Website (7 Steps)

    How to Upload an MP3 to a Website (7 Steps) Bluehost coupons code

    You can upload MP3 files to your website depending on the bandwidth allocation and file size limit of your hosting package. Uploading an MP3 follows a similar format to uploading any file or page to your website and you can do it in just a few minutes.

    How to Upload an MP3 to a Website (7 Steps)

    Create a new folder on your computer desktop and call it %26quot;MP3Uploads.%26quot; Copy and paste all of the MP3 files that you want to upload to your website into the %26quot;MP3Uploads%26quot; folder.

  • Right-click on each MP3 file and select %26quot;Rename.%26quot; Rename the file so that it has no spaces in the name. Note that the name of the file will determine the download URL. For example, if you have an MP3 file that you want to upload called %26quot;01 Title of Song.mp3%26quot; change the file to %26quot;TitleOfSong.mp3%26quot;. Note that you must put the file into a zipped folder if you want to make it available for download online. Right-click the file and select %26quot;Send to%26quot; then click on %26quot;Compressed (zipped) Folder.%26quot; Note that the file extension will be %26quot;; if you do this.

  • Open the webpage in which you want to add the MP3 file. Enter the following HTML code, if you want the MP3 to be viewable online:

    %26lt;embed src=%26quot;titleofsong.mp3%26quot; autostart=%26quot;false%26quot; width=%26quot;220%26quot; height=%26quot;45%26quot;>%26lt;/embed>

    Change %26quot;titleofsong.mp3%26quot; to the exact filename of your MP3 and alter the height and width to suit your preferences. Add the following code if you want to make the file downloadable:

    %26lt;a href=%26quot;;>Click here to download%26lt;/a>

    Replace %26quot;; with the exact file name of the zipped MP3 file and change %26quot;Click here to download%26quot; to the appropriate anchor text to suit your preferences.

  • Open your FTP client. Log into your web host by entering the domain name of your website into the %26quot;Host%26quot; field, choosing %26quot;FTP.%26quot; Enter your account username and password. Note that you can obtain this information through your web host provider. Click %26quot;Connect%26quot; or equivalent.

  • Navigate to the %26quot;public_html%26quot; folder for %26quot;remote site%26quot; in your FTP client. Navigate to the %26quot;MP3Uploads%26quot; folder for %26quot;local site%26quot; in your FTP client.

  • Double-click the MP3 that you want to upload or highlight the file, right-click and choose %26quot;Upload.%26quot; Wait for the progress bar to reach 100 percent and minimize your FTP client.

  • Open a web browser and input the web address for the page where you uploaded the MP3 file. View or download the MP3 file and ensure that properly works.

  • How to Remove a Parked Domain (4 Steps)

    How to Remove a Parked Domain (4 Steps) Bluehost coupons code

    A parked domain page displays when you access a domain name and no website has actually been uploaded yet. The domain name owner has simply purchased the domain, but he has not yet done any further work with it. Parked domains can also refer to a page set basically for added marketing purposes, such as when people buy the same domain name with .com and .net extensions. Parked domains can either be immediately issued by the domain registrar or given as an option to the owner.

    How to Remove a Parked Domain (4 Steps)

    Upload a website to the domain’s hosting account. The parked domain page may disappear as soon as the owner’s own information is added to the domain.

  • Delete the parked domain page on the server. Log in to the domain’s hosting account and physically delete the parked page that was provided by the web host. Access the list of files by using an FTP program, such as one provided to you by the web host, or a free one that must be downloaded, such as FileZilla. Navigate to the %26quot;index.html%26quot; file, right-click and choose to %26quot;Delete.%26quot;

    This step is often necessary if the server is automatically set to run an HTML page over other extension types. In this case, even uploading a new %26quot;Index%26quot; page with a PHP extension will not override the parked page until it has been deleted.

  • Change the parked domain’s settings in the domain control panel. Log in and choose to turn off the domain parking. The action will vary depending on the domain provider. Navigate to a %26quot;Manage Domains%26quot; section and click a button to %26quot;Remove Domain Parking%26quot; or to %26quot;Activate Domain.%26quot;

  • Choose to forward the domain name to another website and domain. Forwarding or masking will activate the domain instead of placing it in parked mode. Log in to the %26quot;Manage Domains%26quot; menu and select the option to %26quot;Forward.%26quot; Enter the domain you would like to forward it to and save.

  • How to Build a Website for Drop Shipping

    How to Build a Website for Drop Shipping Bluehost coupons code

    One way to make money online is sell other companies’ items with a drop shipping company. Whether it’s selling books, cameras or other products, all you have to do is set up your own website and accept orders from customers. The drop ship company ships the items to your customers for you and you receive a commission for each sale. It’s a way to make money selling online without having to worry about inventory.

    How to Build a Website for Drop Shipping

    Find a website host. You can find a website host to build your website by asking friends and people you know that have online businesses to recommend who they use. Some sites will host your website for free. Those include and Others, such as or, may charge a monthly fee.

  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and somehow relates to your business. Typically, the domain name is the same as the name of the business.

  • Choose a website template. After you have chosen your host and domain name, it’s time to build your website. Most website hosts offer a variety of templates you can choose from so that you can pick the look, feel and colors that you want to represent your business.

  • Add products. Select the items you want to sell from your drop shipping company. You’ll want to a picture, description and price for each item on your site. You may want to separate pages by the category of the products so it’s easy for online shoppers to find what they are looking for.

  • Add a shopping cart and buy buttons. If you use a free shopping system such as or a paid service such as, add buy now and view cart buttons to your site.